New Hermopolis

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Cultural Center
An eco-friendly artistic village and cultural retreat in the heart of Egypt

New Hermopolis is asocial enterprise based on the principle of 'heritage for development'. The model is an integrative one, embracing creative responsible & sustainable tourism practices, ecological/ heritage architecture, organic farming, local gastronomy as well as offering creative skills/ capacity building and educational services to the local community. We hope to achieve self-contained communities and provide a model for replication in other heritage sites in Egypt and possibly elsewhere.

Company Overview

New Hermopolis is a unique NGO whose mission is to provide a place inspired by heritage for purposes of creativity, artistic renewal, harmony and the development of the local community through innovative and culturally aware initiatives


The retreat offers exceptional accommodation for a broad spectrum of visitors and provides short and long term residency for writers and artists. Furthermore, it is a unique setting for various academic and training conferences as well as an ideal location for those wishing to explore the antiquities of this region or simply rest and get away from it all.

It is important to remember that the New Hermopolis and its facilities is not merely a hotel complex--it also carries the mission of benefiting and developing the local community. For this reason, whoever chooses to stay here will be contributing in a big way to the developmental projects.

General Information

The New Hermopolis is a registered NGO in both the UK and in Egypt.