The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE)

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Association

Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement” is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization, founded in May 2001, and registered under MOSS on February 2004.EACPE is Working actively on building capacities of a number of organizations, networks and coalitions that are the most active in implementing different International human rights instruments such as, CRC, CEDAW, Beijing Platform of Action


• Democracy Development Program:
It aims to activate the role of Egyptian citizens in democratization and political reform. EACPE has “Democracy Status Watch” program which monitored different Egyptian elections and has a very strong connection with the media

• Human Rights education program:
to School Children: It aims to promoting human rights culture in schools and transforming this culture into a way of living. The program was initiated in Cairo governorate, through which EACPE work in coordination with the Ministry of Education. This program is being implemented now in 125 schools in 5 governorates.

• Gender Equality Program:
It aims to enforce the implementation of CEDAW through working on three levels: a. institutionally: through building the capacities of the CEDAW coalition, b. legally: through working on lifting reservations and adopting the optional protocol of CEDAW, and c. culturally: through raising awareness and changing attitudes of social actors towards women's rights and mobilize the whole society towards combating violence against women. Also the program aim to influence policies and legislations to promote gender equality in the Egyptian society.