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Rawad Raidan

Rawad Raidan, from Lebanon, has a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Dalhousie University in Canada. He currently works in Dubai, UAE, as the head of logistics for the French oil company, Total. He has spent time volunteering with Engineers Without Borders, where his interest in community development work began. Last summer he spent time in Mountain House as a junior intern and was drawn towards the concept of quiet time and developing one’s inner guidance.  His interest in CSP stems from a desire to enrich his awareness of conflict transformation theory, how it applies to his personal life and to the challenges facing his country, “I would like to reduce the knowledge gap between the mechanisms of effecting change, especially where the given arena is saturated with intertia to that change.”  He speaks English, Arabic, and some French, and loves to read Conrad, Pirsig, Dostoevsky, books on philosophy and psychology.