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Mohan Bhagwandas

After working internationally with IofC (Moral Re Armament) in South Asia, Europe, North America and Australia/Pacific, Mohan moved into a career in the Information Technology industry in 1990. He was employed for 15 years in a senior position in Business Strategy to a global Information Systems company. He brought his IofC leadership skills into his job. He was required to make high- risk decisions, cope with massive change, develop strategic and operational plans and adapt to a global work place. His IofC experience also enabled him to develop integrity and trust in the business and bring leadership skills to his team.

In 2006, Mohan decided to move from full time employment to part time work, in order to develop the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) conference at Caux. Over the last six years he has held the role of International Coordinator, working with a group of over 30 young people, business professionals, academics, environmentalists, leadership trainers and numerous facilitators – as part of a growing team, to deliver a high quality yearly conference and an on-going year round programme in several countries.