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Rob Lancaster

Rob grew up in Australia, but since leaving school has spent periods in Europe (mainly France and England), as well as some time more recently in Eastern Europe, India and South East Asia. From November 2007, he spent two and a half months volunteering with IofC in India, and the challenges and encounters of that time encouraged him to be available after university to continue with IofC for a period. That period became somewhat self-renewing, a bit like skype credit, and he's still here. He’s been working full time with IofC for a couple of years now; as Director of the Caux Interns Programme, on the support team of Action for Life, now with the Caux Forum for Human Security, and a few other fingers in other pies. A graduate from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/French) (Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), his main academic interest is in cosmopolitan theory, which looks at relationships between different groups of people, particularly across national borders. He’s especially interested in the potential for a new ethic in political and social leadership.

Day to day, he has a sporting passion for cricket and Australian rules football, and an intellectual passion for debating, formally as well as with friends and family. His spare time consists largely of drinking coffee with friends, playing the piano, reading and watching BBC dramas.