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Human Resources

Glenda Eoyang

Executive Director Human Systems Dynamics Institute. As a pioneer in the field of human systems dynamics (HSD), I help people develop adaptive capacity to see, understand, and influence patterns as they emerge in complex environments. I have worked with the US Institute of Peace, National Institutes of Health, Children's Bureau, Department of Defense, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; public and private institutions around the world; various state and municipal health and human services agencies, foundations, and NGOs on a variety of complex, systemic issues affecting human security.

The HSD Institute supports centers in the US, UK, and Israel. Our network of 300 certified associates works around the globe to teach and provide consulting, coaching, and facilitation support in a variety of fields including health care, conflict transformation, education, international development, advocacy, facilitation, public health and prevention, organization development, and evaluation. Our next book Adaptive Action: See, Understand, and Influence Organizations (Stanford University Press) is expected out in spring of 2012.