Waqfeyat al Maadi Community Foundation - WMCF

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Foundation

Maadi Community Foundation was founded in May 13, 2007, under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, as a Grant Making local foundation in Egypt. The objectives of Waqfeyat al Maadi CF are to lessen the gap between rich and poor people in Maadi area and its suburbs, improve the standard of living of the residents of the area by reactivating the idea of donor-advised waqf funds. It is a community-led philanthropic change agent that catalyzes change through community social investments and donor-advised waqf funds.

WMCF is dedicated to enhance the quality of life for the under-privileged communities in Maadi , Basateen, Torah, and Helwan Governorate under the umbrella of social justice and sustainable philanthropy through strategic grant-making to individuals and grass roots Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in our community.

WMCF Projects : 

1) Opening the Door for Livelihood Program

This program targets job-creation as the principle for self-sufficiency, independence and dignity. It consists of 4 main projects:

WMCF conducts needs assessments and prioritizes the most disadvantaged families and entrepreneurs who get a zero-interest loan to start or expand small business to refrain them from asking for charity.
WMCF gives grants to CBOs to start their own income-generating projects and/or to apply the zero-interest loan program in their community. 
WMCF provides young people with vocational training opportunities & soft skills to allow them to get jobs or start their own businesses.
WMCF supports Social Entrepreneurs through grants in applying creative projects such as the Roof Plantation Initiative or the Palm Trees Waqf.
2)Combating Visual Illiteracy Program

For a Clean and Beautiful Environment, God is Beautiful & He Loves Beauty

1. Khan El- Fonoun Art & Culture Center


El FanKhan started through generous contributions from Prof. Dr. Fatma Abu Nawareg (Professor of Art Appreciation in Helwan University) to spread the knowledge and techniques of art to beautify our surrounding.El FanKhan includes, “Theatre Khan”,” Storytelling Khan”,“Kottob Khan” and “Music Khan”.

2. Cleaning and Recycling Projects


We invest in mobilizing community members to engage in clean-ups & recycling initiatives.


3. Maadi Fun Festivals and Events


WMCF collaborates with community members, clubs, youth centers and schools in organizing community events and street festivals to discover talents, bridge gaps and build networks between people, social and business entrepreneurs, artists..etc.


4. Planting for beautification & Combating Pollution


Waqfeyat al Maadi CF invests in Roof Plantations and agriculture projects to combat Visual Illiteracy through engaging children in action. Children of shantytowns beautify the equipment on their roofs to accommodate vegetables and fresher air. Roof planting is one of the innovative projects that combine between beautification of roofs, combatting pollution and providing food and income for the family especially in marginalized areas. Also, it brings the family together in participating in one activity where the parents do the planting and the children paint the plant area.