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Brigitte Kehrer

Brigitte KEHRER has extensive experience with international peace building and dialogue facilitation.

As a former journalist and teacher she joined humanitarian and development programmes and became rapidly a managing force, ranging from women's workshops in Africa to food distribution in Mozambique.

She then specialized in reconciliation and gender-balanced development and was appointed the Swiss Chargé d´Affaires in Rwanda, from 1997 to 2001, during the period when the reconciliation process was just beginning and the post-genocide trials were getting underway. She then travelled a lot through Africa, working in Mali, Guinea-Conakry, and South Africa. Her work has led her as well to ex-Bosnia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

After that, she collaborated with the UN and was involved in developing the international communications framework for the Rwandan Gacaca trials, a traditional justice practice. She is the author of a book on conflict transformation in Rwanda.