Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND)

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Association

Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND) promotes active nonviolence and encourages alternatives to violence among youth and adults throughout Palestine. MEND employs innovative methods, especially with the media, and is widely respected for working with authenticity, professionalism and courage.

Recently there has been a growing interest in alternatives to violence even at the level of long-term political activists. In fact these activists and community leaders have specifically expressed their dissatisfaction with the cycle of violence and its results, and requested information and training for active nonviolence.

MEND, having built its reputation on a holistic and creative approach to violence in schools, has taken this approach further to reach the general population. Working through film, the internet, radio, bumper
stickers, posters, and news advertisements, MEND has changed the local attitude to nonviolence from one of scepticism or dismissal (when MEND was first established in 1998) to one of interest and appreciation.