Founded Year: 
Private sector

We Aspire to Inspire
- We Aspire to be the voice of Democracy, Liberalism, and Freedom of speech in Egypt, to Inspire Egyptians to make a difference.
- We are committed to offer fresh new perspectives to Egyptian & regional audiences as we stress on the core of the meanings of the words Liberty, Democracy, Tolerance and Positivity.

Knowledge is Power
- Our aim is to inform and empower Egyptians by giving them non bias information that is uncensored.
- We intend to be the voice of the people and the mirror in which they see their reality and their prospects for the future.
- Egypt has no political independent channels except ONTV, which has a full day grid with hourly news, yet we have more time to cover more events.

ON TV...
- Is a liberal channel that focuses on reviving the Egyptian identity and the values of citizenship, freedom, equality, modernization, rationality and expresses all these values through its slogan , 'Stay In The Light'.
- The channel's objective is to spread liberalism and revive the Egyptian identity that was in Egypt before the 1952 revolution.
- Isn't directed against anyone. "But it is logical that its pro freedom and democracy message may conflict with other streams.
Defends citizenship rights and equality for all Egyptians disregarding religion or race.

Nilesat 12053 V - www.ONtveg.com