Darb 1718

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Association

Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre is an Egyptian non-profit organization operating since 2008. Its premises include a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that host different art mediums and cultural events. Darb 1718 houses two art exhibition spaces,, dance and concert stages, gardens, rooftops and outdoor cinema for independent film screenings. The centre also organizes art exhibitions, concerts, festivals and events in public spaces throughout Egypt. Darb 1718 provides workshops, programs and initiatives to educate and mentor emerging artists and offers them a space to exhibit their work alongside established artists.

Our mission, simply stated, is to be a trampoline to advance the burgeoning contemporary art movement in Egypt . We do this while endeavoring to engage with various social and cultural groups in the Fustat community.

This mandate yields a broad and comprehensive artistic vision which embraces: 1) exhibiting the works of largely unseen local artists alongside those of established regional and international artists who have rarely or never exhibited in Egypt, 2) providing local artists with opportunities for international exposure and cross-cultural exchanges 3) implementing developmental programs that include workshops, debates, films and other educational initiatives.

The gallery seeks to encourage experimentation by supporting new works by emerging artists, with particular attention to artistic merit, diversity of media and aesthetic traditions, and originality of cultural influences.

Our Vision

We will work our heart out to earn the loyalty and respect of artists, art institutions and the general public by promoting, in everything we do, a sense of excellence, originality and creativity that is universal and helps build links across cultural differences. By so doing, we will be recognized and respected as one of the most energetic, credible and accessible institutions for the advancement of contemporary Egyptian art and artists.

The Tireless Team

Success is not a matter of random chance; it comes with hard work, sacrifices, well considered analysis and finally, a leap of faith in the dark.
It comes down to believing in something or someone, so much that you look for the circumstances you want and, if you can't find them, you make them happen.

Darb has been just that. And for all of us as well as for the many friends who believed in Darb and supported us all along, it has indeed been a leap of faith. It is still a work in progress. It has many souls and engines and creators who have and continue to tirelessly toil over this incredible canvas, shaping it into a beautiful work of and for art.

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