Oyoon Art Group

Founded Year: 
Private sector

In 2002, a group of volunteers in collaboration with some NGOs conducted workshops on how to use arts as a new and creative tool to support local communities. By 2007, those volunteers formed ‘Oyoon Art Group‘ as an independent arts youth group. The group success led to its registration as “Oyoon Art Group”; an Egyptian limited Liability Company on 1st June 2011.

We are a group of youth; our number and experiences are growing steadily step-by-step. Oyoon is a diverse group of distinctive individuals and experiences that try to approach the world from different angles and perspectives. We aim at supporting freedom of expression, culture identity, learning, and diversity & culture difference, through practicing arts, targeting people at all ages. We believe that Egyptians don’t have the opportunity and the adequate means to express themselves, their dreams, challenges and fears. We believe that people will be able to touch their inner self when they express themselves freely, furthermore, it will increase their tolerance and acceptance to those who are different, and ultimately will respect and understand the importance of diversity.

From this standpoint, our goal is to provide safe and free zones of expression for all people. In addition, we aim to enhance people’s capabilities to express themselves through arts tools. We have a good experience and we also do training workshops on (animation, shadow puppets Theatre, interactive theatre, photography, one-minute video and film making). We are working for two years in the street by organizing a monthly event called “Open day & Open Mic” in El Minya governorate.

Our values:
Freedom of expression, diversity, meditation, learning, equality and participation.

Our mission:
Our mission is to provide safe and free spaces to support freedom of expression, diversity, and culture identity through art to all people. Moreover, empower the largest number of people, at all ages, to access technical support and various tools that will help them express themselves, meditate and reflect on their lives.

Our vision:
A healthy society, where every individual is in harmony with his/her inner self, through discovering his/her inner potentials, to build a better social coherence with others.

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