Horus Foundation for Development and Training

Founded Year: 
Private sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Association

Horus foundation for development and training is a Non Profitable Organization. It works on improving the level of the society, especially in education to all and the needy children in the most vulnerable societies. This is through providing them with the basic needs and giving them educational guidance for those children, women, girls, literacy graduates, and handicaps to be active and productive members in the society.
Given the experience that we have in the field of human rights, we want a society dominated by justice, equality, and where the individual performers enjoy their rights and duties.
We support the marginalized groups especially in Upper Egypt How to get the rights to this case arose the Horus foundation
We stated our work under umbrella others organizations for example Caritas Egypt but from three years ago we got our registration in Sohag in Upper Egypt.
We have founded Horus foundation for development and training in Sohag in Upper Egypt; with all what we have from experience, and developing interest. We are looking for development related to human rights through self dependence to reach a better society and a continuous development for all the individuals, through voluntarily work and participation in the best usage for all the resources committed to the values of justice, equality, citizenship and human rights. We working that be Sohag Community and all Upper Egypt especially the poor areas," its Participants educated, practicing their rights and performers of their duties, in a developing society where prevails the working spirit, solidarity, and justice and human rights values.
Horus a member of the Arab campaign of education and the Arab Network for adult education