Center for Trade Union & Workers' Services

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The Center for Trade Union & Workers' Services (CTUWS) - Honored the French Republic’s Human Rights Prize in 1999, The Solidar Prize Silver Rose in 2000, and The George Meany-Lane Kirkland 2009 Human Rights Award. CTUWS is an Egyptian non-governmental organization established in March 1990 by some labor leaders and activists guided by their experience in the Egyptian labor movement. They vowed to meet the urgent need to form an independent organization that advances and supports the needs of workers in a democratic manner, provide direct support and services to the workers and fill the void created by the “official” trade union organization which failed to achieve its fundamental obligations.
When CTUWS was launched 25 years ago by a number of labor leaders, its objective was clear: to create an independent organization that works for the independence of trade unions and for the defense of democratic and social rights of workers.
CTUWS members and founders have worked diligently in defense of these issues which earned them great credibility among workers and which made CTUWS expands in the areas of labor.