Center of Sustainability and Future Studies

The Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS) was a result of the success of the First International
 Conference on Sustainability and the Future (23-25 November 2010). The Centre has emerged as 
an important part of the BUE's efforts to address future sustainability in terms of environmental, 
economic, and social challenges through the engagement of students, academic staff and researchers.
The CSFS is envisioned to propose a suit of creative comprehensive solutions that tackle the future from a sustainable point of view. The Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies focuses its efforts in establishing a data bank for innovative and visionary ideas. It also supports future studies in different fields such as urban 
development and future architecture. In addition, it implements GIS in documentation and decision support.

The centre will have three different units of the centre of:

1. Innovation, creativity and bank of ideas unit.

2. Research and scientific studies unit

3. International cooperation GIS and Decision support unit